We will never pretend to be travel experts, and keeping in mind that our full-time jobs have NOTHING to do with luxury accommodations, here are some hotels that we have loved. Those listed on this page are not such because they are the cheapest nor because they are the most lavish with tons of amenities- but simply because we loved them and they fit our little family.

Atlanta, GAIMG_3185.JPG

Passing through Atlanta on our way to Florida, we needed an overnight stay after the Phillies game. Hubby has been trying to rack up his Marriott rewards points, and so booked us at the Atlanta Airport hotel. I confess I did roll my eyes a little when he told me that, as typically airport hotels are not that great. I was totally off base on that assumption with this hotel, however. (And, hubby was grinning like the Cheshire cat as I sung its praises.)

The Atlanta Airport Marriott was clean, updated, and modern in decor- but the BEST part was the balcony and view from our room (pictured above). For two pretty busy boys, basically being right off of the runway and getting to watch planes take off and land was wonderful! Built-in entertainment!

DSC_0043.JPGIsn’t this fun! Our morning view! The boys could have sat and watched for an hour!

I’ll further sing the praises of this hotel with breakfast options- there was a nice restaurant in the atrium that had the option of ordering from the menu or the buffet. When the waiter offered that kids ate free from the buffet, that was the obvious choice. We both thought the food offerings on the buffet were pretty standard- scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles, etc.-but solid. The restaurant atmosphere was above par, however, with great views of the hotel and with free kid food, we were happy (and full) travelers.

IMG_3186I can’t write a full review of Atlanta or really any of the attractions of the area because after the Braves game, we only had time to sleep and eat before we were on the road again. But if you have kids that would enjoy watching the planes right from your room (or you yourself would!), definitely look into this hotel!

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