Hello and welcome to our blog, Expedition Fun! My name is Lauren and this is my family of boys. We are starting on this blogging adventure as a way to better journal and keep track of experiences, trips, and craziness so that one day my little guys can look back through their memories. And…as a bonus…  I hope along the way to help other families traveling with kids learn from our mistakes and benefit from our tips!

Sadly, my husband and I are not full-time travelers, but both have other jobs, so we try to squeeze in trips when we can. A few years back we set the goal of taking our boys to every Major League ballpark in the country before high school graduation, which has given us a cool chance to visit and explore cities we may not have journeyed to otherwise. Luckily, they are still pretty young, so we have time.

Our second traveling passion is Disney! We love Disney! We took our oldest for the first time when he was 16-months-old and have been a little enthralled ever since. You may see lots of planning posts on here, as I am convinced that the key to a magical Disney vacation is LOTS of pre-planning, planning, and more planning. I also will add in, as a final thought on Disney- while we generally love it, I will do my best to give both positive and negative reviews of all that we do.

Well, I guess that’s it for now! I hope as a reader, you find at least one funny story, valuable piece of information, or -worst case scenario- something not to do! Thanks for stopping by.