A love letter to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- French Quarter

Of all the resorts on Disney property (and for the sake of perks and transportation, we are big fans of staying on property) there is one that continues to hold a special place in my vacation heart: Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- French Quarter. In honor of Mardi Gras, I offer up five reasons why French Quarter might be the greatest of all Disney resorts.


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  1. It’s the perfect intersection of budget and luxury. To Disney’s credit, they pretty much explain this in the definition of “moderate.” However, all resorts are not created equal. Having stayed at all levels: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe, this resort truly gives you the most bang for your buck. The grounds and landscaping are more in-line with the deluxe resorts but in a scaled down way and without the price tag to accompany it. If you are hoping for a respite from the parks, but want to stay within a reasonable budget, this is my favorite resort in that category.
  2. It’s small and easy to navigate. After a long day in the parks, coming home to a small and compact resort is wonderful. No ½ mile walk to your room from the bus stop and only a few minutes from your bed to your morning coffee. This is also an added bonus if you are traveling with small children or even older adults. On our last trip we visited a different moderate resort that was very large and it was a considerable walk from one end of property to the other; not to mention the internal bus system. French Quarter is so compact, you can easily navigate the whole resort easily.
  3. It has a relaxed, but energetic atmosphere. From the moment you step on property, there is a true New Orleans vibe but with a touch of whimsy that Disney does so well. The beautiful cobblestone streets and jazz music piped throughout create an idyllic version of one of America’s most notorious destinations. Disney’s attention to detail is superb and with that, each resort has a unique “feel.” Some feel more upscale and others are more chaotic. French Quarter for me is joyous. Laid back, happy, but electric.
  4. You can get real beignets. Where else can you sit outside with rod iron railing and eat hot, fresh, Mickey shaped beignets?! I mean, hello! That is Magical! We loved having a leisurely coffee al fresco with beignets for breakfast. Those powdered sugar treats are a great way to kick off the day.
  5. It’s close to Disney Springs. The parks are only accessible from French Quarter by buses, but there is a water taxi to Disney Springs. It’s a peaceful and easy ride on the Sassagoula River that you should definitely experience if you’re staying at French Quarter.
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One thought on “A love letter to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- French Quarter

  1. I totally agree with all of this! It’s definitely the very best of the moderate resorts, and I’d even pick it over some of the deluxes if money weren’t a factor!


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