Why do we keep going back to Disney World?


Recently I ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a while and we started talking about vacations. Through the course of our conversation he asked me how many times we had been to Disney World. When I replied “4 times in the last 6 years” there was an undeniable pause… and the slightest hint of an eye roll.

It’s not the first time I’ve had that experience. It seems lately like our choice of repetitive vacations is met with judgment from all those outside of the Disney addict universe.

I followed up the hesitation with “some people are beach people, some people are boating people, and I guess we are just Disney people.” But, it got me thinking, with a whole world full of possibilities, Why do we keep going back to Disney? It got me thinking enough to come home and write a whole blog post about it.


It’s not like we don’t travel to other places- part of our little family’s goal is to visit all of the Major League Baseball parks across America. This quest has given us an opportunity to experience cities we haven’t before and take road trips.  But, it’s just not… you know… Disney! Disney has a hold on us and a feeling we haven’t found anywhere else.

And, case in point to the conversation that started my reflection, a feeling that is not embraced by everyone. For me, being at Disney World is like eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie, warm from your oven. No matter how many decadent desserts I try in extravagant restaurants, there are moments when only a chocolate chip cookie will do; the ultimate comfort food. Disney is our travel equivalent of that cookie. The comforts, the cleanliness, the choices, and the emotions it evokes- we keep coming back. We keep planning trips. And I guess, we actually are exactly like the beach people and the boating people- going places that make us happy.



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