Fifty years of Disney Fun Ahead

Well, we did it!

After lots of questions, a lot of back and forth, we did it… became DVC members.


After we signed all the contracts, visited the notary, crossed the last T and dotted the last I, my husband asked me why I wasn’t more excited? What was wrong? Isn’t this what I wanted? The immediate answer was Yes!  Of course I’m excited, but it was that kind of excitement you feel on a huge roller coaster for the first time- equal parts excitement, anticipation, and fear. I mean, fifty years of vacation points is a HUGE commitment (not to mention the money that we are forking out for said points). But, I got the welcome tote bag in the mail, so we must be official!

DVC, if you’re unfamiliar, stands for Disney Vacation Club, and is similar to a time-share: in that you purchase real estate interest to use for vacation purposes. (In our case until 2067.) The Disney way involves vacation points that allow you flexibility to use at multiple resorts any time of year and they even let you bank points from the year before and borrow points from the year ahead to create an even bigger/better trip.

DVC for us has been one of those things that we have looked at on the surface, but really never investigated because we just assumed at first glance that it was way out of our price range.

On our last trip, we were eating a snack in Frontierland near the DVC Kiosk when the sales person started talking to our little boys about pin trading. One thing led to the next (he clearly saw us coming, haha) and down the rabbit hole we went. He started asking about how many times we had visited Disney, where we liked to stay, etc. and next thing I knew he was offering extra fast passes and I was booked for a tour. Now, let me say this- I am not paid by Disney (please though, that would be AMAZING).  However, if your family does Disney a lot- the DVC tour and talk is totally worth it. Of course they are trying to sell you something, I mean, HELLO- it is Disney’s version of a timeshare, but for us it made a lot of sense. We really enjoy the more upscale resorts, we like to travel at different times of the year, and I can’t foresee us ever getting sick of Disney. So, why not pre-pay for your lodging and lock in today’s rates? We talked about how we aren’t really the beach-house-type-people so in essence, this is our beach house! AND… we are not responsible for the maintenance! Phew!

So, what’s next for us? New DVC Members that we are?

Hubby and I are going to take a couples only, 3-night trip when school lets out to scope out our new digs! (Please don’t tell my kids- they will be with Pappy & Grandma!) We are going to try to explore some resorts and experience a few days at Disney doing all things not for kids! I am most excited to stay at Bay Lake Towers for the 1st time with a Theme-Park-View! A no kids trip within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom should kick off this phase of our lives on the right foot and I might even be able to talk hubby into taking one of those adult-focused tours that a nerd like me would love.  Crossing my fingers!

But for now, I will start researching all the benefits and keep trip planning!

Thanks for stopping by!



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