Highlights with littles from… CHICAGO!


Our top 3 Favorite things from our latest expedition!

A few years back as part of our desire to see the nation and explore, we committed to taking our boys to all 30 Major League Ballparks before they graduate from high school. This summer we just tackled 2 more stadiums (#4 and #5 for us), however we didn’t start out with baseball.

Leg 1 of our trip was a drive from Pennsylvania to Chicago to visit with friends before heading to Milwaukee. We packed in a lot of fun over a few days and were lucky to have some great tour guides. If you are headed to Chicago it’s definitely a place easy to navigate with kids. So without further ado- here are our top three recommendations:

#3: Millennium Park lawn– in the summer Millennium park hosts a slew of free music concerts on the lawn. Our friends are Chi-town natives, so they were well prepared, but it would be easy for anyone to take advantage of this. Pack a picnic blanket and grab take-out from any of the neighboring restaurants. Obviously we had Chipotle because our 1st born dragon LOVES Chipotle, but you get the idea. If you are traveling sans kids- this is an even better idea because it’s actually relaxing! The other upside of having dinner on the lawn here with kids is that if your littles are tired after a long day of walking and won’t have good behavior at a restaurant, they can let loose a little on the lawn.

#2: Maggie Daley Park– this place is like your local play park on steroids. Both of my guys and the other three kiddos we were touring with LOVED this park. They have multiple areas appropriate for all ages of kids from toddlers up through late-elementary. I think I even caught my husband going down a slide or two! There are a few water features that kids can touch, so be aware of that. The only downside of this play area is that it’s so big with so many different pieces of equipment you can easily lose sight of your child. Better with more than 1 adult if you have more than 1 child.


And… for our #1 recommendation…

#1: Museum of Science and Industry– we spent most of the day on a Friday at this museum and really enjoyed it. Sure, there were tons of summer camp groups, but really, on a Friday in July- what were we to expect? I imagine if you go mid-week or during the school year, you would find lower crowds. Mayhem aside, my whole family found something that was a “favorite.” The museum is huge so make sure to set-aside enough time to really explore and enjoy it. We loved the weather section and both of my fellas were selected to go in the tornado to test out some hypotheses about the wind. We caught an iMax movie entitled Dream Big about engineering, which in addition to being an awesome time to sit and relax, was really well done and sparked great conversation with my 6-year-old. We took multiple trips through the mirror maze- which was interactive: you actually walk through this and try to find your way out. It is still talked about in our house, even after we came home! All in all, I’d rate this museum as a must-do if you have time in Chicago!


Happy adventures!

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